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Why America’s Healthcare Sucks

By | source: May 17th, 2011

You know it is true. According to the CDC, over 40 million Americans did not have health insurance during 2009. Obviously something has to change, but socialized medicine is not the answer. It is just one possible solution. Now that I have put myself in a political grey area, I will continue on with this topic.

Although smoking, drinking and the elderly are lower per capita in America than most European countries, it doesn’t mean we don’t have problems. With massive outpatient costs and over-paid doctors, things can really add up over here.

I’m lucky to have some very affordable healthcare offered by my university. It is hard to get a timely appointment and the doctors are only given 15 minutes with each patient, but at least the appointment is free and the medicine is discounted. Also, being able to talk to a doctor for free can help prevent much more dangerous health issues in the future.

Prevention and price transparency could both be improved in the US. Stopping a health problem early can save thousands down the road. Also, according to this infographic, “knowing where our money is going would make everything cheaper.” Opening people’s eyes to bogus processing fees and excess spending.