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Who Won the Social Media Superbowl?

By | source: Feb 8th, 2013

How was the Superbowl this year? As a household without cable, keeping up with sports is not my forte. I’ve heard through the grape vine it wasn’t very entertaining or what one would consider a “good game” besides Beyonce’s ridiculously awesome half time show. Ya, I looked that up on youtube…

I believe this is the first Superbowl where football as a sport didn’t garner as much attention as the half-time performance, technical difficulties or brotherly rivalry. Is this a sign that the athletic aspect of sports are not as important as the entertainment aspect? I know ESPN has started putting microphones on outspoken players, is the game not enough?

But don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good football game. I’ve attended literally thousands of sporting events thanks to my dad working in the sports industry, but I truly believe the game is changing. Today’s graphic is about the social media impact of the teams, but if compared to the power outage or Beyonce I’d bet the athletic tweet count would pale in comparison. [Via]