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Which Furry Friend Is Improving Your Health?

By | source:HealthExpress Aug 26th, 2015

Having a pet has been one of the biggest choices I’ve made during my life. Taking another living thing under my responsibility is a great feat. Even though I grew up with dogs my entire life, adopting a pet under my own roof without the aid of parents and siblings was another step up. I sure am glad I did adopt a lil’ pup and the past year and a half have been mutually beneficial for us. Animals can improve happiness, healthiness and become a life-long friend. I’m not here to get into the cats vs dogs(go dogs) debate, because they both have their independent benefits.

Today’s infographic shows that dogs usually provide physical benefits, whereas cats are more intellectual. Dogs can help build immunities to allergies, their need for physical activity transfers to their owner’s benefit as well. Exercising a dog almost always puts the owner in a position to exercise as well. Dogs are social animals and will help the owner run into more social situations.

Cats are easier to take care of and leave more time for their owner to focus on their work or studies. Cat purrs have even been proven to be medically therapeutic.

All in all, pets are a beneficial to their owners and I’d encourage everyone to think about adopting. Thousands of cats and dogs every year are stuck in shelters waiting on someone they can help.