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Which Fortune 500 Has The Best Benefits?

By | source:Chairoffice Sep 23rd, 2015

The technology industry is notorious for providing outstanding benefits to their workers. Infinite time off, breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by talented chefs, creative passion exploration, in-office gyms, employee doctors and dentists, staff masseuse and dog-friendly offices are just some of the over-the-top benefits tech employees experience.

Many of those creative benefits are lost once the industry is changed, but are replaced by more practical benefits. McDonald’s helps their employees purchase and maintain vehicles. Starbucks offers health care for part-time employees, Nestle offers up to 90% at tens of thousands of dining locations across the globe.

The travel and hospitality industry has always offered free travel and lodging for their employees, but some like Disney offers time-off at their private island. Southwest does something very interesting I believe should be practiced across the board: Skill Growth. Skill growth allows Southwest employees to work in a different position somewhere in the company. Marketers can work baggage claim, or stewardesses swapping with pilots (just kidding).