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Where Are People Most Honest?

By | source: Aug 19th, 2014

Did you know Hawaiians from Honolulu are some of the most honest people in the nation? Not to say that the rest of the U.S. is dishonest. After selling iced tea on the honor system for $1 a pop, Americans had a 95% overall honesty rating. Not bad, huh? Can you guess where the worst rating was? Providence, Rhode Island. Maybe if Providence was actually a tropical wonderland like Honolulu, they’d be more inclined to pay for their tea.

In this experiment, Honest Tea measured some other metrics as well. Those who like the show Cops, listen to rock & roll and have been separated from the person they love tend to be slightly more honest than others. Also, some people didn’t pay the fee with the U.S. dollar. A lot of participants used foreign money, coupons or another creative way to ‘pay.’ It shows we as a nation don’t tend to steal something outright.

The gap for honesty wasn’t very large, and that seemed to be true over all of the tested ideas. Even though women, blondes, and dog lovers were slightly more honest, it doesn’t mean too much. With only a small percent margin in difference, this little test has proven that we’re all pretty honest people in America. [Honest Tea]