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What to Do if You get Ebola

By | source: Oct 26th, 2014

This Ebola thing is out of control – and by out of control I mean the fear mongering is. Ebola is not a threat to mainstream America. Our healthcare system is much to advanced to let a real outbreak happen. Sure some isolated events may happen from sickly panicking individuals, but this virus should not garner this much media coverage.

Don’t get me wrong – ebola is a very serious sickness for those nations who aren’t capable of containing their outbreaks. That’s why I’m posting this infographic today. We are a global site and some of our viewers could be affected by this disease. Using logic and simple safety precautions when traveling in west Africa is all one needs to be safe from this virus.

Do take note on the infographic below – if you do know of someone who has these symptoms, be calm and help facilitate the procedures below. [via]