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Myths vs Facts About Chocolate

By | source: Oct 25th, 2014

Eating chocolate is one of the best ways to end a long day. Personally, I like eating a big, milk chocolate candy bar. The sweetness will take away any sour taste left by the dayâ??s activities. I try to eat just one or two bars per week, especially on Fridays. Yes, I have been told eating chocolate is bad for your health; chocolate will rot my teeth and cause acne. These are myths spread by parents to keep children from eating too much chocolate.

One such myth is blaming high cholesterol levels on chocolate. Research has revealed it is not the case, as chocolate increases the good cholesterol. Another myth is that chocolate causes headaches. Again, research has shown there is no link between eating chocolate and getting headaches. Another myth is that chocolate causes weight gain. Eating chocolate in moderation, along with healthy foods and exercise, will not cause weight gain.

Go ahead and eat the slice of chocolate cake or a piece of chocolate candy. Indulge in eating a chocolate candy bar every once in a while. Drink a glass of warm chocolate milk before bedtime to sleep better. Just remember to eat it in moderation and exercise.