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What Are The Chances You Exist?

By | Apr 17th, 2015

Spoiler: basically zero. The odds that you, the specific person you are today is so rare it seems to be a miracle. But when we look at everything in our world today, didn’t all of it go through similar odds to be here? The fact that snails exist, same unbelievable massive number a mathematician can waste their time on figuring out, but why? If literally everything you see, feel, touch and smell has beaten some of the largest odds ever conceived are we all that special?

Yup. We I look at some intriguing cloud, or beautiful flower I feel something, me. And ‘me’ is why I feel lucky. Sure Everything in the universe has been as lucky as I have by the numbers, but personally I’m glad I’m here. Sorrow, hatefulness, love, anger, the good memories and bad times are all worth it to be alive. I’m not going to go around believe I’m some hot shit, but I am going to go around appreciating the fact that I’m here.