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Your News Source Has An Opinion. This Is The Way It Leans

By | source:Here May 31st, 2019

Each and every day there are hundreds of media outlets fighting for your attention.  Some are here to inform you, while others just want you to hear their opinion. So where do you go for the most honest news?

Ever since the 2016 US presidential election, the term “fake news” has been thrown around from all sides.  Opposing sides slinging mud at each other create a feeling of distrust and paranoia within the public. Readers are almost forced to pick a side, which can be detrimental to free thinking.

Some of the more unbiased news deliveries come from networks like the Associated Press and Reuters.  Working as a cooperative unincorporated association, the US based AP has been delivering information for almost 200 years.  Reuters is an international company and has been around for almost as long.

The most popular sources of information on current events in the US, especially politics, are CNN and FOX.  Unfortunately, both of these networks tend to give opinions to go along with the news.

No matter what your sources are, be sure that you don’t lose your free thinking.  We live in a world where we have enough information to form our own opinions, rather than reciting someone else’s.