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US Craft Brewers’ Growth

By | source:brewersassociation Jul 13th, 2015

I am one of those “hopheads,” and craft beer has been in my life for a few years now. Luckily, I live in the thriving craft market of Central Texas, and have dozens of local brew houses to expand my palate. Real Ale Brewery is the closest to my house, and one of the most highly regarded craft breweries in the state. With a heavy focus on bringing the cask market back to the states, Real Ale is my top place to grab a beer.

Some of my other favorites are Austin Beer Works, Deschutes Brewery, based out of Portland, and Captain Lawrence, in New York. These 3 are some of the fastest growing craft brewers in the nation, but the problem with quickly gaining market share is the threat of buyouts by the big guys.

Millercoors and Budweiser are not dumb companies. They know their cheap, watery, “beer” isn’t what the educated masses want (besides frat dudes, but are they educated?). We middle-class beer snobs want the best and that has made the big boy beer companies start to shiver. MillerCoors has the ever-so-popular Blue Moon and yet, you won’t see a Millercoors label on any of the bottles. Take note: Tenth & Blake Beer Company is MillerCoors and Green Valley Brewing is Budweiser. Don’t be fooled, if you’re gonna pay $10 for a 6 pack, send it to the brewery who’s lively hood depends on it.