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Urban Matters

By | source: May 13th, 2013

Our world has been rapidly growing and expanding in population over time, and with that growth comes special challenges that can make sustainability difficult. Rural and farming communities will still hold importance in any direction the global population decides to take, but the main place that growth and sustainability need to take place is in the world’s cities. Today’s infographic gives us a look at some key concepts in making growing, sustainable cities work.

The U.S. may still be one of the world’s leading economies but we’re lagging behind in terms of urban growth compared to urban areas in Latin America and Asia (namely India and China). By 2025, 85% of Latin America’s population is projected to live in an urban environment, and by 2030, China’s urban population alone is set to be at 1 billion people.

In order for these growing cities to thrive and sustain themselves there are four factors that are key to evolving: efficient urbanization, smarter economies, sustainable growth, and empowered communities. For more info on growing cities have a look at the infographic below. [Via]