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Travel Advice From Your Kids

By | source: Aug 12th, 2014

Everyone loves a good vacation. Some of my fondest memories come from car trips taken with my family as a youngster. We used to travel from Austin, Texas to the Wolf Creek Ski area in Colorado for Christmas every year. I would always stock up on my video games and books to read for the car trip, as well as play silly road games with my family (like the ‘guess what animal I’m thinking of’ game and the ‘tell a story one person/one word at a time’ game, among others). Despite the troubles that can arise from natural tension of being in an enclosed space with your family for an extended period of time, in the end, I always enjoyed my trips as a kid. This infographic below has some cool ideas and tips to ensure that your vacation is the best it can possibly be!

Mostly the infographic is a mix of suggestions as well as polls and statistics about vacations from a kid’s perspective. I had never really thought about it, but vacations are really good for letting your kids be more independent. For instance, letting them pack their own things to be responsible for, in addition to being an active part of family planning, can be great sources for growth in a young child’s life. All in all, this infographic has some great advice for families thinking about taking a trip on the road or flight. [Alamo Rental]