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Top 10 Digital Branding Trends for 2015

By | source: Jan 12th, 2015

Digital media and technology are changing and growing everyday. Whether you like it or not, both are usually a huge part of our daily lives. The best thing to do is embrace it, and find ways to use it to your benefit. And I’m talking about business or pleasure.

Today’s infographic features the top 10 trends in digital branding and marketing for 2015. While some of these might seem like they only apply to the digital media professional, believe me when I say each one can impact your average Joe. For instance, the graphic states that unfiltered content goes viral faster than news sources can deliver. Citizen journalism will only continue to increase and become standard as social media evolves.

Also, I know a lot of people who say privacy doesn’t exist on the Internet, and I have bad news for those of you that argue on the contrary. Privacy is pretty much a thing of the past. This is especially of all the data breaches in the last year, which I suspect will only get worse. And I guarantee we’ll be seeing more stories about brands getting criticized for something they posted online. (Everybody loves a good Photoshop fail story.)

I won’t ruin the rest for you, though. Read on to discover more of the 2015 digital media trends.