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To See a Bird, I Will Go Out on a Journey

By | source:Tripadvisor Aug 16th, 2015

Yes, I know, it’s not in English. But it’s so pretty! This is a gorgeous example of a simple, informative infographic and flat design done well.
Here’s what I’ve translated – Of the 550 wild birds in Japan, 133 of them are endangered. That’s why the bird in the blue and yellow circles is crying. The birds listed are some of those endangered birds. Google Translate seems to be telling me that maroon badge means the birds only live in special preserves, green is a different kind of preserve, and gold means they are very rare.

But why should I have all the fun? This is an image, so you can’t just copy/paste the text into Google. Here’s what you do: get out your phone (if you’ve got a smart one with a camera), open the Google Translate app, select Japanese to your language, and then press the camera button. Voila! You can point at the screen and scan the text to get a translation every bit as endearingly garbled as the web-based version would give you.
Besides, the bird names are in English. So get thee to Wikipedia!

If you’re all psyched up to go birding, check out this anatomy of a backpacker. I’m somewhat dubious about the “bear spray.”

P.S. The title is the translated title of the original article. I like it so much.