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Tiny Houses and the People Who Live in Them

By | source: Aug 30th, 2013

The average size of a house in the United States is 2,400 square feet. That is a lot of space. Tiny houses are a fraction of that size and also have happier residents. I have lived in an apartment for 3 years now, before that I lived in a dorm room the size of a master bathroom with 3 other people — I loved it. Why are we convinced that we need tons of space to be happy? What ever happened to cozy spaces? We have become spoiled and need to snap out of it!

Remember being a kid and building a fort in the living room was the best part of a slumber party? All kids want their own playhouse or tree house to play in. Why did we grow up? Tiny houses are the ultimate playhouse, except it is more for living than playing. A tiny house is about the size of a hotel room, and I donâ??t know about you, but when I go on vacation my last priority is luxury in the hotel room. Because all you do is sleep in the hotel, so why waste money on an expensive one? You aren’t on vacation for the hotel, youâ??re on vacation for the new world around you. Tiny houses take this idea and apply to everyday life. The world is your living room.