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This Really Is The Ultimate Guide To Drinking Coffee

By | source:artofwellbeing Jan 18th, 2016

Using science and technology, the creators of today’s infographic have crafted a guide for consuming coffee. These steps will leave you a healthier person, without having to sacrifice your coffee habit.

First off, no coffee before 10 am. I know that can be difficult for a lot of you, but just think about how good it’ll be in two more hours. The next step is the most important, know how much caffeine you’re consuming. Caffeine is a drug, measured in mg’s. Don’t exceed the recommended healthy amount.

If you can manage taking a nap after a cup of coffee, you’ll awake with the energy of a thousand horses. Unfortunately for me, I don’t drink coffee. Caffeine is too much for me, take all my advice with a grain of salt.