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Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s

By | source: Dec 15th, 2014

ALLL ABOARD! Time to drive this hate train straight into your local Ronald McDonald. Here is a company that has dominated the fast food scene so well they dwarf every competitor. While helping contribute to the declining heath of the lower class – McDonald’s continues to grow globally.

Luckily there is some light at the end of the tunnel – McDonald’s US sales this year have dropped to the lowest in 14 years. This is great. I would love to contribute the decline to growing local economies and healthy eating education – although I have no proof. With Michelle Obama’s war on child obesity and a returning economy I think I may have my predictions heading in the right direction.

A Bigmac meal comes out to about $6 – for the same price I can go across the street of my house and get tacos from an amazing taco truck. Fresh vegetables, recipes passed down generations and I know there isn’t some corporate executive pocketing the profit while the workers aren’t even paid a living wage. The workers are the executives at my taco truck.

With ‘going local’ becoming a more popular outlet for spending money, at least in my city, national chains are seeing the changes in their profit margins. Let’s keep this trend up. [via]

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