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These Are The Most Popular Types of Weddings

By | source:Here Apr 6th, 2017

My wedding day was probably the most magical day of my life. I cringe a little every time I say that, because I know how corny it sounds. It’s ok to get a little cheesy, though. Nothing beats a love-filled celebration with all of the people you care about.

But before you get to the party, you have to get through planning. When and where will you have your wedding? It’s a question that plagues a lot of brides and grooms. Thankfully, Instagram provides a look at what other couples are doing.

Parks, beaches and gardens lead for ceremony and reception locations. Less popular? Forests and backyards.

Additionally, summer weddings are by far the preferred season, closely followed by winter weddings. Not every wedding has a theme, but if you are going to pick go with one, vintage and rustic both look like solid options.

Did you know the average wedding in the U.S. costs somewhere around $29,000? Before you commit to any vendors, it’s important to figure out just how much you’re spending. Click here to find out more about the costliest parts of a wedding.