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Here Are The Most Common Lies Told On Social Media

By | source:Here Apr 5th, 2017

Social media can be exhausting. Scrolling through your Facebook feed and seeing perfect selfie after perfect selfie can make your own life seem boring. But would you ever lie about yourself for likes?

If so, you’re in okay company. Reddit has a sub-forum completely dedicated to calling people out on social media lies, and this infographic shows what people are most dishonest about.

Using fake photos is a big one. Whether it’s pretending to be a model on Tinder or stealing someone else’s family vacation captures, Internet users aren’t shy when it comes to fake pictures.

Also common: Lying about dating, relationships or sex. This is a bit of a sad one, I’ll admit. There’s nothing wrong with being single! It’s much better to own it rather than lie about a significant other and get called out.

This is pretty morbid, but apparently people lie about death and terminal illness pretty frequently. I mean, I can understand craving attention, but that’s a pretty bold falsehood to share.

Hopefully, this serves as motivation to stay honest on social media –– you never know who may call your bluff. In the meantime, check out our post about the psychology of lying.