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The Wacky Ways We Spoil Our Pets

By | source:America's Pet Store Jun 29th, 2016

Want to neuter your dog but have him still look like he’s, um, got the goods? There’s an app for that.

Neuticles, which I have forever ruined my search history by Googling, are silicon implants that you can have inserted in, you know, the place where things are missing. On your dog. That might be the craziest thing on this infographic, but it certainly not the most expensive. Diamond doggy collars sound like a joke, but what’s really funny is a crystal-encrusted Hello Kitty dog house. Shouldn’t it be a cat house? And can I get one big enough for me to sleep in?

As far as fashion, if you haven’t spent any time exploring designer doggy clothes on Pinterest I highly recommend it. Any excuse to look at pictures of cute animals is a good one, and this one is extra entertaining.

If you’re looking for a pet to spoil and can’t decide between cats and dogs, we’ve got an infographic that will look deep into your soul, tell you who you are and which animal will suit you better. Just kidding, statistics don’t define you; you define you. Go get a capybara and break the mold.