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The Ultimate Guide To Thanksgiving Prep

By | source:Here Nov 8th, 2019

Holiday season is here with full force. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Hosting holiday parties can be overwhelming: between constantly decorating the house, cleaning up after your guests, attending dinner parties and, you know, doing your normal stuff, it can get crazy in a very short amount of time. I mean, we’re no 50’s perfect housewives with lots of cooking time on our schedule!

To save your sanity, our gift for you is time. You heard that right.

Today is all about scheduling, so you can have more time to actually enjoy the holidays and the family that comes with them. I’m not talking about complicated pre-party preparations that involve making every recipe from scratch and DIY-ing your decorations. This is more of a general guide to let you know the best time to start prepping the food so, on D-day (or Turkey day!), you can actually enjoy the party and be with your guests.

Who knows, this might be the year you actually cook your own turkey! It’s actually easier than it looks, especially if you pick a good recipe to begin with. Take a look at the Thanksgiving prep guide the guys at Food Network put together: it’s time to let go of stress and get ready for the holiday season!