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10 Amazing Sandwiches From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

By | source:Here Nov 26th, 2019

Every year Thanksgiving comes and families gather to have dinner, spend time celebrating, and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone always eats until they’re full and content, then the time comes to clean up, say goodbye, and head home…but there are still a ton of left-overs crowding the fridge.

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn’t mean all of the delicious food should go to waste! One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is having the leftovers for days. My grandma always is sure that I leave with a bag loaded with extra turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and of course a lot of pie.

Why stick to the usual plate of Thanksgiving food in those following days? If you’re a fan of spicy hot foods, try out the recipe for a Jalapeño Popper Baked Turkey Sandwich. If you like something super savory, then the sandwich for you is the Roast Turkey Cobb Sandwich complete with a fried egg on it. Of course, for all of you classic Thanksgiving leftover fans there’s a sandwich for you too. This one adds a little flair with an extra piece of gravy soaked bread in the middle of the sandwich.

This sandwich guide is the perfect way to spark your creative side while making sure your Thanksgiving leftovers go to good use.