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The Rise of Hoverboards and A Brief History of the Segway

By | source:swegwayworld Oct 21st, 2015

Like most people I’ve ridden a Segway around town before and although it was fun, I noticed it’s clunkiness and size made it not feasible for everyday use. Recently sans patents on the technology in China, hoverboards, or small segway platforms are sweeping the nation. For 300 to 400 dollars one can purchase a hoverboard and maneuver through their city without taking a step.

I know you must be thinking we’re on our way to Wall-E future of gluttony and laziness, but I don’t think so. Hoverboards will help reduce traffic on a massive scale. With a range of about three to five miles, many people located close to work can hoverboard over. As a cyclist myself I can’t agree with hoverboards for my personal use, but sharing the bike lane and getting more individual vehicle traffic infrastructure is vital for any growing city. The future hoverboard community will be vital to the support of shaping our roads.

Hoverboards may be the future, go out and try one, they’re lots of fun.