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The Procrastinator’s Guide to Filing Income Tax

By | source:businessinsider Jan 15th, 2016

Oh I know, tax season isn’t for months! Why am I posting a procrastinator’s guide? Well, I know you, and like me I’ll wait until the last minute to file my taxes. No matter how many reminders, tax guides, or my tax lady annoying me. I’ll put it off, and keep putting it off.

Maybe not this year? I’ve actually done 90% of my taxes for the year back in October. I have no idea what came over me, but I did it up until then. I have 2 months left to do, and plenty of receipts to go through for write-offs, but it shouldn’t take me more than an hour or three.

They only thing holding me back is how un-fun doing taxes are. No wonder I never became an accountant. Maybe this guide will help you be more responsible this year, maybe it wont. You are a procrastinator after all, aren’t you?