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The Numbers Behind China

By | source: Oct 18th, 2010

Good Monday to all you Daily Infographic readers! I, Diego Martinez-Moncada am the newest addition to this wonderful site. To start things off I am going to go ahead and jump right in with an infographic on China. Unless you haven’t seen the news for the past couple of years, you know that China is an up and coming powerhouse.

China, as you may know, was the host of the 2008 Olympics, which helped to bring them into the international spotlight, having both negative and positive effects on their image. Prior to their spectacular opening ceremonies, China experienced much grief from other countries because of the lack or respect they have for human rights. However as time passes and other countries, like the United States of America fuel a middle class (by buying their goods), slowly China will see itself becoming more and more democratic.

As it stands now, China can best be compared to the United States during its industrial revolution. For one China does not consist of solely Chinese. There is a reason it is called the People’s Republic of China: the population consists of Han Chinese, Tibetans, Manchu, Miao, and many others. Secondly China is seeing a large growth in its utilization of unskilled labor, and with this unskilled labor comes much pollution, due to the fact that much of unskilled labor involves work in factories. However unlike the U.S. during our industrial revolution, China sees the way it is going will quickly destroy its environment, which in turn will just as quickly end their run as a powerhouse. With this in mind they are investing millions in green energy and are showing much promise in that field. Sooner than we think our run as the top dog will end and China will be deciding what happens to the international economy.