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The New Online Couponing Strategy

By | source: Apr 23rd, 2013

There are many reasons why online shopping is the best of all.  My two reasons for loving it are that I can do it in my pajamas and that it cures any boredom I may be experiencing at the time–dangerous, I know.  While those reasons are fine and good, I think most people can agree that there are other benefits to online shopping.  Some of those benefits include avoiding crowds at the mall, the ability to compare rates, more options, etc.  By shopping online, not only can you find the most competitive rate on the product you are looking for, but you can also utilize online coupons.  This is something I had not considered until reading this infographic.

Apparently, coupons for your favorite stores are pretty easy to come by if you’re willing to look for them (now all I can think about is how many coupons I have been missing out on over the years).  The infographic below describes five different ways to seek out coupons that might be floating around our there.  Go ahead, abandon your cart for a second and create a coupon strategy!  See if you can’t save a buck or two. My guess is that it will pay off.  []