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The Netflix Effect: How Streaming Is Killing Cable

By | source:AllureMedia Sep 21st, 2015

Yes, I know you already know that Netflix is now one of the world’s largest television providers, but do you know what attributes have made Netflix the success it is today?

One of the more prominent factors has been Netflix’s ability to allow users to ‘binge’ on a new television shows. We’ve all done it. Those marathon five to ten hour couch session where an entire season of a show is consumed so fast you can almost feel the weight of overindulgence in your stomach.

This type of over-consumption helps the viewer get ‘hooked’ on a certain show. No waiting an entire week for another episode. Instant gratification. The lack of advertisements on Netflix is another big factor in their success. The majority of people who have cable use their DVR to skip over ads. As much as advertisers don’t like it Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime are taking the entertainment world, one stream at a time.