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The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

By | source: May 17th, 2013

Ohh, coffee drinkers. It’s amazing what people will go through to get their daily dose of caffeine. I’ve worked as a barista on and off for a few years now, and I couldn’t agree more with today’s infographic on the categorization of coffee consumers.

We had our regulars at the cafe–The fake breasted soccer moms who wanted their no fat, no foam, skinny vanilla lattes with exactly three Equals and one Sweet and Low. Angsty middle school skateboarders, who had nothing to do except order extra-large Caramel Frappuccinos, until they were sick to their stomachs, and trash our coffee shop. Fast-talking business guys, who could barely stop speaking long enough to tell us their drink order, who also winked an uncomfortable amount. Shy, bookish high school students, who didn’t care what was in their coffee, just as long as they could hide out from their parents and school for awhile. And then there was my favorite: a tall, white-haired old man, with a wizard’s beard, named Walt, who always ordered a decaf, no-whip, mocha, and got so absorbed in whatever he brought to read that day, that he’d frequently lose track of time, and exclaim, “You’re closing already?!”

A comic collection of characters pass in and out of coffee shops everyday, and the drink you order may say something about the kind of person you are. But don’t take coffee so seriously! However you order your cup of joe–personally, I like mine black–I think you will find that it goes perfectly with today’s infographic. [Via]