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The Most Popular Books of All Time

By | source: Nov 19th, 2013

Today’s infographic comes from and features the most popular books of all time. As mentioned in the infographic, storytelling has been around as long as language has existed. Humans have always had an innate need to express themselves through storytelling. And how lucky are we that there are people (like the ones below) that have been able to express what’s inside of them so well.

What’s more, with every book read, a new story gets attached to that story: the story of that person’s personal journey through life while reading that particular book. Books offer support where physical environments cannot, carry our memories, and connect us to the rest of the world by transcending cultural and language barriers. Books change us.

This infographic is super cool because it divides each book by the number of copies sold, translations made, and editions printed. All that’s left to do after reading this infographic is to read all the books on the infographic. Good luck!

“So many books, so little time.” -Frank Zappa [via]