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The Internet Marketer’s Guide to Good vs Bad Clients

By | source: Oct 1st, 2014

Creative Internet marketers get to work with other innovative people. Being an Internet marketer, you get to work with a team that is capable of making a client’s vision happen. But every Internet marketer knows that creativity isn’t always enough. It depends on the client they are working with. Thankfully, Geek Powered Studios has designed an infographic that walks though the in’s and out’s of working with a good or bad client.

A good client is one who has supplied the marketer with the necessary information to make assessments and create the plan. A client that is good for business is one who has created a timeline and understands that creative genius can take a lot of effort, but marketers need to deliver on a timeline. As opposed to a good client, a bad client will rely on the agency to create a vision and direction. In the end, a bad client is likely left blaming the agency for its mishaps and shortcomings.

Every business relationship requires trust. A good client is one who puts their vision in the hands of a talented marketer. A bad client will make you feel uncomfortable with their aggressive attitude and disorganization. Great clients are willing to contribute their thoughts to your assignment and be helpful in refining the product, but trusts the agency’s talent. [Geek Powered Studios]