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The History of Digital Storage

By | source: Mar 20th, 2013

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in storing and sorting digital media. Since the mid-20th century we’ve gone from needing an entire room to run a computer, down to a pocket-sized version of the same thing. That’s an amazing growth of technological capacity in the span of just a few decades. All of the storage devices that we’ve used over the years have come in all shapes and sizes. From cassettes to floppy discs to flash drives to sd cards, it’s really astounding how much we can make out of so little these days.

I heard from a friend who worked SXSW this year that there’s a computer being made that is the size of a juice box. It has every sort of port you would need – flash, hdmi, etc, and can run Call of Duty 4 without a hitch. Also there’s been development of a flash drive that can hold up to a terrabyte of memory! With the popularity of cloud storage, we can now even store things on the internet. I personally have all of my music loaded to Google so that I will never lose it do to hard drive or external drive failure. It’s a wondrous age we live in. Lets hope the apocalypse doesn’t erase everything.