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The Greatest Human and Digital Viruses of All Time

By | source: Sep 15th, 2012

Recently in Texas we’ve had a some instances of West Nile Virus that have resulted in (as of today) 52 deaths! Pretty scary stuff really; but when you compare it to some of the most successful viruses in history, I’m thankful that it hasn’t been worse! Viruses like the Black Death and Ebola have taken thousands upon thousands of human lives. Transmitted through normally friendly organisms, viruses can be the most frightening foe there is – the invisible kind.

Same goes for those pesky digital viruses as well. You never know when a virus will enter your computer and mess with your stuff. In this infographic they name one of the most complex viruses ever encountered. In 2010, the stuxnet virus managed to infiltrate an Iranian nuclear facility and cause their centrifuge to radically increase and decrease its speed. I’m guessing it was caught in time before mass nuclear meltdown could occur but the virus managed to damage centrifuge’s operational capacity by 30%!

Back to the West Nile Virus here in Texas, remember to try and stay away from damp stagnant areas around dawn and dusk. These are when mosquitos are most prevalent so either stay inside during these times or use bug spray! Stay safe ya’ll. For more info on symptoms click here