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The Future of the Internet of Things

By | source: Mar 26th, 2014

Ever wonder why Google is installing extreamly fast gigabit internet infrastructure when the average person needs 200x less speed? It is because of the future of the Internet of Things. In less than 10 years, the internet will not just be for your phone or laptop, everything will be online.

I’m talking about your car, fridge, tv, blender, air conditioner, front door, and even your wallet. This inevitable future is why google is starting today with affordable gigabit internet. This new wave of device overload will open up revenue and advertising streams to a whole new level.

Today’s infographic states that in 2020, every human being on earth will be connected to 10 separate devices. I know I’m already using five and I bet one of the most prominent technology coming up soon will be wearable tech. If its for exercising, sports, general information or just making phone calls, wearable tech will be an exciting addition today’s digital arsenal.

Be ready for the future, its going to be here in no time. The corporations of our world are already preparing for it, it just depends if society will be ready when they are. [Xievly]