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The Essential: Forex Review in 2013

By | source: Jan 30th, 2014

The saying, â??money never sleepsâ? is only exemplified by todayâ??s interesting infographic. Brought to you by AxiTrader, (a company made by traders, FOR traders), todays infographic outlines the Forex year in review for 2013.

The review first outlines 2013â??s major financial events, then goes on to include: currency performance, summary of the major currency pairs, year-end economic stats for each major country, stock market stats, and year-end interest rates.

Itâ??s interesting to see how money fluctuates throughout the year, and how any little event can really shake up the system. Understanding how money circulates can really give you a heads up if youâ??re a banker, trader, or just looking to invest in something.

Check out todayâ??s infographic and the hyperlink to gain further insight about trading, AxiTrader, and Forex! [via]