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The Ebola Virus – Are You at Risk?

By | source: Aug 17th, 2014

Since 2012, the ebola virus has systematically spread itself across Western Africa. With the first outbreak of the deadly disease centered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, international health authorities did not initially believe the virus to be of international health concern.

Unfortunately, as of recent news, there are now more than 1,800 people in West Africa infected with the highly contagious, extremely deadly disease, with death totals over the past year and a half nearing 1,000 people. Although Americans have very little need to worry about an outbreak in North America, according to Hello MD, the disease now has a mortality rate of 90 percent, deeming the calls for international help extremely important. As of a week ago, it was even confirmed that two Americans sent to West Africa to treat infected persons have contracted the deadly disease themselves, and have since been transported to hospitals in Atlanta and Texas for treatment in highly secure quarantined zones.

Healthcare workers in West Africa believed the initial spread of the disease to be centered around fruit bats contaminating bush meat, or primate meat, but now have shifted their attention towards intimate burial ceremonies of infected persons where family members are coming into direct skin-to-skin contact with deceased infected persons. Whatever the cause though, Americans need not to worry about an outbreak on U.S. soil, but should continue to spread awareness and supply as much aid as possible.