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The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

By | source: Jan 24th, 2014

Whenever I am asleep I rarely see little Z’s floating above my head, I never dream about being naked at school, and I’ve never come close to getting up and making a meal while sleepwalking. Sleeping is useless. We spend a third of our lives lying dormant doing absolutely nothing. I wish that there were a pill that would allow us a full nightâ??s sleep in 30 seconds. Or what if we invented a kind of energy storing device in our bodies that would allow us to charge while we work as opposed to us turning ourselves off to recharge.

A Polyphasic sleep schedule is an interesting way to utilize more of your time that is currently being wasted on sleep. I have always wanted to discipline myself for this kind of sleep. But only taking a few twenty minute naps during the day would be a hard schedule to jump into. Especially because in the first week your body is not used to the change. And whenever our bodies do not get the sleep they need there are consequences.

The infographic posted today mentions quite a few reasons why, even though it is a waste of time, sleep is important for our health. [via]