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The Coming Water Wars

By | source: Dec 13th, 2010

With natural resources becoming more scarce by the minute and the human population growing larger and larger, water is constantly becoming more valuable. In an America where most of us have become accustomed to having a government that enforces health codes, we have been spoiled by clean water. Yet it seems that each city’s water has a different taste, this is simply due to the cleaning process used by the city.

However, no matter the city you live in, all of the water is deemed drinkable. This, however, is not the case for the rest of the world. The United States was once at the level of cleanliness that other third-world nations are at currently; they have terrible water supplies that are infested with bacteria just waiting to make the drinker sick. We must keep this in mind when aiding other countries- we were once in their shoes and we need to help them by showing them how to learn from our mistakes. When the United States was coming into its role as a superpower the Earth’s population was much smaller and there was not a war for resources.

However, living in today’s overpopulated world, water has become a resource worth fighting for. With aquifers being depleted at never before seen rates and the ocean growing larger and larger due to global warming, fresh water is a hot commodity. Which nation can prove its worth and show that it can take care of its people, by providing what they need? After all water is essential to life and without it none of us can continue to survive. [via]

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