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The Circle of Life: What Seniors Think About Death

By | Aug 24th, 2016

There’s a saying that every morning we wake up takes us one day closer to death. What a morbid way to start this off, huh? As we get older we all think about what our view on life and death will be as we turn more vintage.

According to today’s infographic, 79% of seniors are comfortable talking about death and three of every four seniors believe more conversations about dying need to take place. It makes sense for the senior generation to want to talk about kicking the bucket. Our matriarchs and patriarchs have already experienced long lives of happiness, struggle, stories and a thousand other emotions. One thing they haven’t done before is die. It scares some and others worry more about those they’ll leave behind.

As funeral costs rise, more elders are looking to cremation and having their ashes scattered in a place they hold dear to their heart. Many look at their funeral as their last hurrah, picking out what songs will play and what food will be served.

Speaking about death should not be seen as morbid. As death becomes more of a reality, more of our older population would like to take it head on and lose the taboo – and talking about it among loved ones helps all involved.