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The Big Showdown

By | source: Nov 11th, 2013

The new generation of gaming consoles is getting closer with each passing day (PS4 – November 15th, Xbox One – November 22nd), and many gamers may still be trying to decide which system to go with. Now that Microsoft has removed many of the features that irked consumers about the Xbox One when it was revealed, both it and the Playstation 4 seem to be on more even ground.

Today’s infographic from Xpango gives us a side-by-side rundown of both consoles and lays out both the good and the bad on both ends. One of the more interesting factors in making the final decision doesn’t really concern gaming at all, despite these being gaming consoles. All-around entertainment (i.e. movies, TV, streaming, social media) is beginning to make a larger presence in these machines, the Xbox One in particular. The Playstation 4 will be more geared towards gaming (although it will definitely still have some of these other entertainment features), but it will also cost $100 less than its competitor at launch. Either way you cut it, it’s still a tough decision.

For more info on the upcoming consoles, have a look at the graphic below. [Via]