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The Best And Worst Financial Decisions People Make

By | source:Here Dec 24th, 2016

Money management isn’t always easy. In a perfect world, we’d all have 401(k) plans and thousands of dollars in our savings accounts, but real life often gets in the way.

Regardless of your financial means, what are the best – and worst – decisions you can make? Let’s find out.

Getting a college education is the number one thing people are glad for. Also at the top of the list: buying a home and living below one’s means.

As far as bad choices go, not saving enough of one’s monthly income is the top financial regret. Another mistake seems to be living large as a millennial. It turns out that living with #YOLO as a motto may not be the best way to handle your money.

Racking up unnecessary debt is another thing that Americans regret. It can be tempting to fill out every credit card application that comes in the mail, but it could lead to major remorse down the road.

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