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The 20 Most Photographed Attractions in the World are Probably Not What You Think

By | source:Parrot Print Canvas Apr 27th, 2016

This list is pretty surprising to me. The Eiffel Tower isn’t among the top 20 most photographed attractions? Seriously? Nor the Statue of Liberty? The Great Pyramid is obvious, but what is this Westfield Tower nonsense? A shopping center beat out L’arc de Triomphe? That’s just sad.

What else is sad is how few of these I’ve seen myself. The travel bug is strong with this one, and the bug is unsatisfied. (I’d like to think that it’s a ladybug or butterfly, but it’s more likely an earwig or some such.)
My nerd bug & travel bug have been in cahoots since I found this Star Wars travel guide. They give me no peace.

Back to being whistful about the particular set of destinations at hand. And incredulous. Some park, however stunning, is the most photographed place in Barcelona? Is this the same Barcelona that is home to the friggin’ Sagrada Familia cathedral?

But enough of being a hater. When presented with information that is even mildly data-backed, the chivalrous thing to do is to let go your assumptions. I hope to add my own photos of these places to the stack someday.