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A Simple Guide to Cowboy Hats

By | source:Creative Graphs Apr 28th, 2016

Your beloved Stetson has finally bit the dust, or more accurately been bitten by your horse and then trampled in the mud. When the mourning period has past, you’ll be in the market for a new hat. But what kind should you get? Maybe your old style suited you right down to the ground, but maybe you’re in the market for something new.

The Cattleman is a classic, of course, but maybe you need a little more head room. In that case, consider the Cutter. Maybe you’ve been trying on hats and saying to yourself “But does this really make me look like John Wayne?” The Diamond is the hat you’re looking for there, Bucko, but a hat can only get you so far on that quest.

Then there’s the daddy of them all, the Boss of the Plains. If you need to ride up to a situation and have everyone know you’re in charge, this is the hat for you. And if you eventually decide that you really need a Gus so you can salute the ladies a bit faster, just crease that hat up yourself.

If you want a little closer look at the creases and folds of cowboy hats, here’s an infographic to help you finesse your technique.