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Stop Food Waste With Your Freezer

By | source:Here Jan 6th, 2018

When we go to the supermarket, there are loads of shelves and bins food. A never-ending stream of veggies, fruits, chips, meats and sodas…plus candy and even more sodas. It’s like it will last forever.

Food waste is a real global issue, and only because our local grocery shop is always stocked up doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people with barely anything to eat, and perfectly good food goes to waste without ever reaching a hungry mouth.

As consumers, there are plenty of ways we can help minimize food waste: first and foremost, eating every bit of food we purchase. Did you know in Korea every resident has to weigh food waste and pay for the waste they create?  That certainly incentivizes better habits.

If you’ve bought too much food, you can always freeze it with these guidelines to help.  You can always start by buying frozen, though I don’t mean buying only prepackaged foods that will save you time in the evenings. I’m talking frozen produce, as well as freezing leftovers and even family favorites! Fruits, veggies, meat and other items can be safely kept in ice to make them last longer. In a sense, freezing is like pausing your food, and it can be an amazing way to keep food fresh and guarantee everything is eaten and savored. You can change the world with just a bit of ice!