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Spotify and its Competition

By | source: Sep 29th, 2011

Napster had its up and downs, but now it’s safe to say you need to find a new music service. iTunes is well organized and has a large collection of songs, but it quickly becomes impossible to afford. If you have a diverse music taste like me, you want access to many different bands all the time. Buying hundreds of CDs is fun until you realize you have no money to buy concert tickets to see the live shows.

Today’s infographic is here to help you out. It stacks up the major music subscription services and rates them on various features. I have not explored the majority of these, but I have downloaded the free trial of Spotify, and it is awesome. It is great to be able to search an artist and listen to entire songs rather than short samples. If I’m not mistaken, the unlimited streaming trial lasts for 6 months! Although it is a little creepy, I enjoy the connection with Facebook and the ability to see your friend’s playlists and what they’re listening to.

Since I’m not an expert on this subject, please leave me some comments on your experiences with these various services. If you think one of these is way better than Spotify, I want to try it out! [Via]