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Which Sports Teams Are The Most Watched?

By | source:Here May 16th, 2017

Sports, a topic that spurs up the longest and most fearsome debates that can inspire lifelong friendships and destroy relationships. Which team is the best and where are they come from? You’ve probably had this topic come up at least once in your life.

Sure you can talk all night about the franchises that have dominated the game.  Good teams come and go but always manage to serve up excitement.  We’re in the thick of NBA playoff season right now and looking ahead to possibly another Warriors Caveliers Finals matchup, which might be a repeat of last year’s 7 game thriller.

Today’s infographic shows the most popular sports in North America. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and baseball are the giants and it’s unlikely other sports will take their mantle in the near future.  The detailed breakdown shows various teams in each region and their attendance rates.

From the looks of it, football has a pretty big advantage, possibly based on the size of the massive stadiums.  And that’s not even counting all the tailgaters outside!