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Spice up your resume

By | source: Aug 23rd, 2011

Resume writing is critical throughout your professional life. Resumes open the door to an education, a job, and a lifestyle. While in the past a simple paper resume did the trick, with the messy job market and fast growing technological resources resumes definitely need a sprucing.

As we undergrads have found, the slow growth of the job market and the large numbers of graduates makes for a very sticky situation. Of the hundreds of applications, how does an employer choose just one? If your resume doesn’t sparkle, you may just get left in the dust.

This clever infographic gives a ton of tips to get yourself noticed. From the most pleasing fonts (Georgia, not Times New Roman), to tips and tricks for online resumes, video resumes and tips for an employer friendly online presence, you can find ideas to boost your employer desirability. This guide will help your resume stand up from the crowd. A modern resume for a modern job market. So before you continue applying to job after job, spice up your resume to spice up your life! [Via]