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Why The Way You Sleep Might Hurt You

By | source:Here Jun 12th, 2020

If you’ve ever experienced body aches, then you know how they can make daily activities much more difficult. You may not realize just how much of an effect your sleeping position has on certain types of pains, though. Certain positions can either help or severely harm your body even more.

A lot of people strongly prefer to sleep on their side. If you have any type of shoulder pains, sleeping on your side can be the worst possible position for you because that is where all of your weight will be for hours. However, sleeping on your side can greatly benefit certain types of hip pain.

For a lot of body pain, the best bet is to sleep on your back, and in most of these cases sleeping on your stomach is the worst position you can sleep in.

For different aches, using a pillow as a tool can help tremendously. Pillows are meant to support your head, and it can be damaging to sleep without one. You can also use a pillow to prop up your legs or arms for your specific needs. There are actually lots of pillows out there designed just for leg or shoulder support that can help you sleep better.