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Skin Facts

By | source: Jul 12th, 2012

Summer is in full swing here in Texas. The temperature averages in the mid to upper 90’s with heat index in the upper triple digits. I actually passed by a parked car in the parking lot that was baking cookies on the dashboard! The scorching Texas sun is killing crops and emptying reservoirs. If the sun has such harsh effects on the environment, can you imagine what it is doing to your skin?

I know it’s trendy to sport a glowing tan during the summers, but according to today’s infographic, that bronze tan is actually doing you more harm than good. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer. And those chances increase with each sunburn. Skin is the largest, most exposed organ of the human body, and we must do our best to preserve it. To all those tanners out there, slather on sunscreen and wear a sunhat! Because after all, beauty is only skin deep, shouldnâ??t you try to preserve that beauty? [via]