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Shiatsu Self Massage: No Appointment Necessary!

By | source:Here Nov 28th, 2018

No time to schedule a massage? No problem, practice self shiatsu, in fact—you might be doing it already!

With our busy lives it’s hard to fit in time for taking care of ourselves. Trying to fit in self care like a massage might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but luckily you can do it yourself!

 (If you get tired, you could go for an automated massage chair, which even makes your home a bit more inviting!)

I often rub my arm up and down, as is recommended for metabolism without even thinking about it. Or I interlock my fingers as indicated, and that helps with circulation. Self help can feel incredibly good!

There are other advantages to aspire to like concentration, fresh energy, friendship and although love is not included, date night could be a little more interesting with a bit of massage.

So take things into your own hands, look at this chart, and give yourself a massage.   There are many benefits. I definitely plan to commit some to memory.  Might even be good party tricks for the holidays!