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Deflating 5 Myths About Kids and Tech

By | source:Here Jul 25th, 2020

Staying informed about the relationship between screen media and young children could be paramount to their healthy development. Today’s infographic sheds light on some of the most frequent myths surrounding this relationship. Young minds are vulnerable to the effects of the media, and leaving the following myths unquestioned may be counter-productive to their growth.

Hearsay and stigma, among other factors, have led to the popularization of inaccurate ideas about how screen media and time spent on and close to the screen may affect children. The way you use your phone, and even the programs your play in the background may be harmful to the children in your home. Great sensitivity is required when operating media around your child.

Children are bright, curious, and delicate beings. Their relationship to screen media is a vital component in building their minds. Much to the surprise of many, not all screen time is negatively impactful to a young child. Age-appropriate, time-restricted, and supervised engagements with screen media may be rather beneficial to kids. The truth is that when it comes to understanding the way screen-time and media impact young ones, knowledge is power. Keep yourself informed and empowered by learning about these common misconceptions.